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If the City has any openings, the job description will be posted in the newspaper, on our website and all social media platforms.  You may also apply online.

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City of Lake City Job Application

Please contact the Human Resources Department at (843) 374-5421 Ext 203 to obtain a complete job description or visit our website at  

The City of Lake City is accepting applications/resumes for the position of Assistant to Director of Parks, Recreation & Tourism from June 6, 2019 until the position is filled.   Submit all application/resumes to [email protected],   or I Contact the Human Resource Department at  (843) 374-5421 Ext 203 Please do not submit applications/resumes via Facebook.  Click here to view the full Asst Parks and Rec/Deputy Director job description

Lake City Fire and Public Safety Department Application

Codes Enforcement Officer

Non-certified and Certified Police Officer