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Inn at the Crossroads
Link: Inn at the Crossroads Website
Lake City's historic downtown is home to the Inn at the Crossroads, a 57-room boutique hotel that offers elegant rooms with classically Southern flair. Enjoy a cocktail or a meal at the Crossroads Grill, the hotel's full-service restaurant and bar, and stay in luxury right here in Lake City. To book a room or for more information, please visit the Inn's website.
Lake City Inn
170 S Ron McNair Boulevard
Lake City, SC 29560
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Phone: 888-978-6498
Lake City is home to several hotels and motels, including the Lake City Inn. For more information or to book a room, please call 888-978-6498 or stop by.
Olive’s Bed & Breakfast
1316 Dennis Road
Lake City, SC 29560
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Phone: 843-598-1020
Link: Olive’s Bed & Breakfast Website
Enjoy a serene and comfortable getaway in this 1919 country home, located just minutes from downtown Lake City.
Security Inn and Suites
319 Sumter Street
Lake City, SC 29560
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Phone: 843-374-7666
Link: Security Inn and Suites Website
Among the locally-owned and operated hotels in Lake City is the Security Inn and Suites, the home of the area's largest rooms. For more information about the Security Inn and Suites, please visit their website or contact Johnny Fryar at 843-374-7666.
1 - 4 of 4 Listings