Why would property owners want to participate?

Participation in a Brownfields project brings resources to the property owners and prospective purchasers that facilitate re-development. The project can help clarify environmental concerns and plan redevelopment to address real or perceived environmental issues. If your property is selected, project-provided services might include:

  • All Appropriate Inquiries (Phase I and Phase II Environmental Assessments)
  • Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint Surveys
  • Clean-up/redevelopment Planning

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1. What does the program offer property owners?
2. Why would property owners want to participate?
3. What are All Appropriate Inquiries?
4. What is a Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment?
5. If I am a property owner and I participate what happens if environmental contamination is found?
6. What activities are included in cleanup/redevelopment planning?
7. What if redevelopment opportunities are not identified?
8. I am an interested property owner, who do I contact for more information?